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Plant Variety Protection

As you are aware, if you are a grower of the Russet Norkotah Selection 3, Russet Norkotah Selection 8, Keystone Russet, Silverton Russet, Rio Grande Russet, Colorado Rose, Mountain Rose, Purple Majesty, Canela Russet, Rio Colorado, Mesa Russet, Crestone Russet, Masquerade, Mercury Russet, Fortress Russet, Red Luna and/or Winterset, a participant contract must be signed to grow and sell these cultivars as certified seed.

Exclusive rights have been assigned for AC99330-1P/Y and Crimson King (CO97222-1R/R).   If you would like to grow these cultivars let me know and we can put you in contact with those that have the exclusive rights.

After reading the Participation Agreement, please legibly complete all of the information required, including your email address, and sign the necessary contract on page 18 and page 1 of schedule A (the last page of the Agreement). Under included cultivar, list the cultivars for which you have been approved.  The Participation Fee is $500.00 per cultivar and is only required on field grown stocks of second-generation or later.  $300.00 of that fee per cultivar can be applied toward royalties exceeding that amount. The royalty on all but three of the cultivars will be $0.25 per cwt for San Luis Valley seed sales and $0.50 for out-of-valley sales.  Please remember that Purple Majesty, Mountain Rose, and Masquerade have a $2.00 royalty per cwt.

The Participant Agreement for Potato Cultivars allows CCPGA to audit books concerning our PVP cultivars.  Please save all the necessary paperwork, bulk certificates, tags, etc. in case an audit is needed in any given year.

Please send back the two signed pages of the contract as described above, your annual marketing plan, and the Plant Variety Protection Participant Agreement Invoice, along with your fees by March 31st.  My mailing address is: CCPGA, P.O. Box 267, Monte Vista, Colorado 81144.  We truly appreciate your interest in Colorado’s PVP cultivars!

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